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Visual Dictionary for Architecture, Second Edition (FRANCIS D.K CHING)


1.     Architecture E-books

2.     Green Building Guidebook for Sustainable Architecture

3.     Building Services Handbook

4.     Design for Good Acoustics

5.     Plumbing Sewage  


1.     Burmese Design through Drawings (U AYE MYINT)

2.     History on Vishnu City (U BA SHIN)

3.     Traditional Houses in Myanmar (U MYO MYINT SEIN)

4.     Indian Architecture, Buddhist and Hindu Periods (PERCY BROWN)

5.     The Golden Mrauk-U, An ancient capital of Rakhine (U SHWE ZAN)

6.     The Buddhist art of ancient Arakan (SAN THA AUNG)

7.     Splendour in Wood, The Buddhist monasteries of Burma (SYLVIA FRASER-LU)

8.    A Global History of Architecture (FRANCIS D.K CHING, MARK JARZOMBEK. and VIKRAMADITYA PRAKASH)


Form, Space and Order, Fourth Edition (FRANCIS D.K CHING)