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1.       Computer Science: An Overview, 11th Edition

J. Glenn Brookshear, Marquette UniversityFollow

David Smith, Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Main Campus

Dennis Brylow, Marquette UniversityFollow



Publication Date



Pearson (Addison-Wesley)


Reading, MA

Contents of IT 12013

The Concept of an Algorithm ,  Algorithm Representation ,  Algorithm Discovery ,  Iterative Structures,   Recursive Structures, Efficiency and Correctness, Programming Languages, Historical Perspective, Traditional Programming Concepts, Procedural Units ,Language Implementation, Object-Oriented Programming ,Programming Concurrent Activities , Declarative Programming,  Software Engineering,   The Software Engineering Discipline ,  The Software Life Cycle , Software Engineering Methodologies, Modularity , Tools of the Trade ,  Quality Assurance,  Documentation , The Human-Machine Interface ,  Software Ownership and Liability,  Data Abstractions , Basic Data Structures,  Related Concepts ,  Implementing Data Structures, A Short Case Study,  Customized Data Types, Classes and Objects,  Pointers in Machine Language ,  Database Systems , Database Fundamentals, The Relational Model ,  Object-Oriented Databases,  Maintaining Database Integrity, Traditional File Structures ,  Data Mining ,  Social Impact of Database Technology