This subject has been provided a comprehensive introduction to the strength of materials and principles of superposition. Providing conditions of equilibrium; the external forces and reactions on a member (including inertia forces if necessary) must from a system in equilibrium, and are related by a certain number of equations, known as the conditions of equilibrium, depending on the configuration.

To give the understanding of basic characteristics of solid state devices such as diode, transistor and op-amp and expose the students to the application of such devices in electronic circuit.

This text has been a long-standing leader in the area of electric motor controls. Its success is based on clear explanation of motor control circuits and troubleshooting motor controls It provides an  overview of electric motor operation, selection, installation, control and maintenance.

This course covers fundamental of PLC, programming language such as ladder diagram, function block, instruction lists and function chart. It starts with examples of industrial applications on different areas of process. Topics to be covered include PLC program, programming software and programming methods.